We have been granted planning permission for four covered Tennis Courts at MSC. Read about it in our news section


We are also lucky to have the great support from Judy Murray who retweeted our news on her Twitter page.

On 14th April 2017, Tennis Scotland launched it’s Ambitious strategy on the back of Murray success.  Moray has the opportunity to be part of this plan, in fact, Moray has the opportunity to be the first venue opened as part of this plan.

Tennis has often been viewed as an elite sport, but the reality is anyone, no matter your age or ability, can play tennis. There are a whole variety of tennis programmes and types available, with something to suit everyone.


Tennis is a great way of keeping fit and having fun with friends. It helps develop your hand-eye coordination, is non-contact and can be played by anyone, of any age! With many people playing into their older years, it’s a sport for life and provides you with a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

No full-time coaches, how can players develop and learn?


Many of these clubs offer limited coaching for beginners of all ages and abilities. However, finding venues to run courses to become coaches or for continued professional development is difficult when exposed to inclement weather.  Most coaching is carried out away from Moray and therefore demands more of volunteers and coaches time and sometimes makes coaching less attractive.

Keith Meisner - 2016 Scottish National Champion - grew up in Elgin and travelled to Aberdeen and the central belt to train.


What if he had had access to Indoor Tennis Courts 10 minutes from his house? 


Our MSC Champion

Jim Meisner (aka Keith's Dad) regularly attends the Moray Tennis Forum and is currently completing his Level 2 Tennis Coach certificate.  Jim has been inspired to make a difference in his local community by getting behind a sport that he loves, while also bridging a gap for a much-needed workforce here in Moray.

"Single most important factor that gave me and Andy the opportunity to become pro tennis players was living 10 mins from indoor courts."

Jamie Murray's Tweet 2014

Why do we need 4 Indoor Courts at MSC?


There are no indoor courts in Moray and for most local players it is a 2-hour drive to Aberdeen or 3 hours to Gleneagles to find indoor courts and access all year around.  As a result, many are unable to play or train through the winter months. There are several clubs in Moray ElginLossiemouthRothesAberlourForres and Findhorn. There are different surfaces to play on, although when it is frosty or has snowed, most are unplayable.

What does the MSC mean for tennis?

Allow players of all abilities to play throughout the year

Allow children, adults and disability groups to have lessons throughout the year

Allow Moray and Highland Squads to have regular training (currently, they travel to the central belt for occasional winter indoor training)

Allow completions of all grades to be held in Moray attracting players from, Moray, Highlands and further afield

Indoor facilities will attract a higher level of full-time coaches to the area to encourage the development of tennis while our local Apprentices and coaches develop their skills

With the addition of the indoor courts and the classroom facilities, Moray could become the home for the North Scotland

Tennis Coaching courses and open up coaching opportunities to a much wider audience

Indoor courts in Moray will be a huge step to developing tennis in the North of Scotland for generations to come. 

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