Table Tennis

It’s all about the spin, quick thinking and reactions…

Table Tennis is a game in which players stand at opposite ends of a table and use wooden paddles to hit a small plastic ball to each other across a net.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it!  Many people call the Olympic Sport ‘Ping Pong’, but this fully inclusive game has millions of participants worldwide in recreational (ping pong) and competition (Table Tennis).

This sport emphasises endurance and reflexes over size and strength. This allows people of all ages, abilities and genders to enjoy playing on an equal field. Requiring two or four players and lasting around 30 minutes, these quick matches are more challenging than you may realise at first.

Stephen Gertsen, coaching Table Tennis

David Wetherill at the London 2012 Paralympics

Here in Moray, we are witnessing a resurgence of the sport with many youngsters and adults attending table tennis sessions at Moray table tennis club based at Elgin Academy. Leading the charge is Stephen Gertsen and Ken Kennedy.

Stephen is a UKCC level 4 coach. This is the highest coaching qualification in the UK. He has coached at international level for both Wales and England. In 2017 he was appointed National Youth Coach & Manager for Table Tennis Scotland and was Team Scotland coach for Commonwealth 2018 Games.

"I'm very excited about the new Moray Sports Centre. Table tennis is growing in the area and a

purpose-built facility will not only benefit the sport locally but also on a wider scale".

Stephen Gertsen, 2017

Girls Training Camp with Stephen Gertsen

Stephen Gertsen, Ken Kennedy and the Moray Table Tennis Club

Ken Kennedy, an International Umpire for Table Tennis keeps the discipline and organisation in check.  A fair and established figure in Moray, he has a huge amount of experience to impart on players young and old.


With these two combining we have an excellent opportunity to balance discipline and skill to engage and motivate players.  

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