Violet's weigh-in

Updated: Mar 13

Violet at her weigh-in

Spring has sprung and I have a spring in my step. It feels so good to feel like that, long may it continue. It’s been another really busy month working extra hours, covering for holidays and not finding the time to do anything. I’ve been trying to be super organised planning my meals to suit my working hours. Walking has been a bit non-existent due to the extra work load but on the plus side I have stairs to jog up daily.

The quiz I organised for EAAC along with MSC was a great success and I was able to feel confident enough to do a speech. It was lovely to get compliments from those that have been following my journey, it meant a lot. They varied from "looking good" to congratulating me on my achievements as well as being an inspiration to others.

I had my final weigh-in on 21st March - Single Parent Day. This is special to me as it makes me stronger and independent, but then when the tables turn you still have to support yourself as you don’t have anyone to lean on. I have shown that it is achievable...but hard going. I am so pleased with myself and as I’ve said in the past this is just the beginning of my journey and not the end.

Being fitter and healthier is great, even though some days I don’t feel it. Being able to do things without the struggles is fantastic and most of all not being in so much pain is a relief. Dropping 5 BMI units is no mean feat as the human body is not very good at losing weight. Patients of any weight should take great encouragement that by doing so they can really improve their choices of a healthy future. Lowering your BMI can dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes, whatever your initial weight - findings show that even severely obese patients with weight related diabetes can potentially rid themselves of the disease. (Society of Endocrinology)

Losing around 16 inches and wearing clothes 3 or 4 sizes smaller than I used to enables me to shop locally with a lot more choice, which is an added bonus and with a bit more confidence and a feel-good factor. Quite a few month ago I quickly realised that it was never going to be near a loss of 100lbs but that did not deter me. It will just take a bit longer to achieve, so for all of you out there if you lose 27lbs like me - be proud because I am. After all weight is just a number and I feel so much healthier than this time last year.

I feel absolutely great and proud to have completed Violet’s Challenge and raise money for Athletics in Moray. Thank you to all who have supported me on this journey and remember it is not too late to Donate and make a difference. I am not finished yet as I am holding a Fashion Show on 22nd June at the new Moray Sports Centre so keep following me for a wee while yet!

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