Violet's October Blog

Where does time go? I have been a bit off the radar the last couple of months and my head has not been in the right space, I feel as though I have been on automatic pilot. They do say life is a rollercoaster and I can vouch for that!

The last time I spoke, we were heading off for our walk from Elgin to Lossie. It was a superb day with great weather. It took us 2 hours of walking and chatting before arriving for a well-deserved Curry and visit to the Steamboat, Beachbar and Coulard. I would like to say thanks to everyone for their inspiration, support and donations.

Off on my walk to Lossie.

Well it's more than half way through my challenge and what a journey I’ve had so far. Ups and downs along the way but feeling fitter, lighter and slimmer...what more could I ask for? The pounds are not dropping off the way I would have expected but speaking to a professional I have been informed my eating diary is good. Not only is my body losing pounds it is toning and internally things are working, so not to get too hung up on the scales. Body shape is good too, slow but sure is achievable and more likely to stay off.

A family visit stopped my focus on the challenge, as my time was taken up by looking after them but this was a good way of seeing how things would work while not thinking of myself. These occasions naturally happen in life, the best idea is not to get hung up too much on eating/exercise but to fit it into your normal routine that way it is not so drastic when you cannot commit fully. I have had loads of compliments from people who have not seen me in a while; obviously they will see the results better than those seeing me regularly.

Throughout the last few months I have continued to lose inches and pounds the main thing is I came through a tough time with no weight gain that in itself is an achievement. I am focusing on the next few weeks before my holiday in Lanzarote for a bit of “me time”. Going through my wardrobe at the moment realising I will have to buy some new clothes before then. (Feeling chuffed) Getting rid of the old Violet and making way for the new slimmer looking one.

My next event is on the 24th November if you’d like to come show your support, it is a 80’s 'Bring a Party to a Party' night with a few 80’s step moves by Moray Motivator (optional) See my Facebook page for more details. Book your table/ticket now to save any disappointments.

To be held at New Elgin & Ashgrove Hall

It has been a very busy summer for me with Violet’s Challenge, EAAC athletics club and volunteering for MSC. It won’t be long before we are all walking through the doors to the sports centre. Donations are still required to get the centre the way people of Moray want it so please keep on giving to see it all come together.

Moray Sports Centre

Linkwood Road

Elgin, IV30 8AR

Moray Sports Foundation

Scottish Charitable Incorporated

Organisation (SCIO)

Registered Charity No. SC046059