Violet's May Blog

Two months in and I’ve had good days and bad days. Overall things have been very positive.

I started my first exercise class with Moray Motivator’s parent and baby class this month. Having never really done much exercise this was a bigger challenge than my big weigh in! Cardio work and circuits, I was exhausted the first week but have been feeling the benefits of my weekly workout.

Not only am I doing the class once a week I try to go out for a 30 min walk at least twice a week and do a bit of a workout on the Wii Fit. Having a vibration plate at home that I use when I’m short of time or I’m too tired to go out walking is a good backup. This I feel is helping tone my body while losing the weight, hopefully I am right and this will save me having saggy bits later.

Looking in the mirror I see small changes happening before my eyes but it’s even better when someone tells you to your face that you’re looking good. One person said I had glowing skin and another acknowledged that I had lost weight. What a boost that gave me.

I had a stressful day which turned into a traumatic evening; caused me to be very nauseous, unable to eat and my sleep was intermittent during the night. When I got up in the morning I was feeling better, I had my breakfast and started the chores of the day before I would head off for a walk. As the morning passed so did my energy and the good feeling vibes, I became exhausted and very low. Nothing I did/ate seemed to work and unfortunately, I walked to the shop and bought some junk stuff along with my healthy food. Arriving home I ate the junk, felt better for a short time but was disgusted with myself. The good thing is I wrote that day off, woke up the next morning and got right back into my healthy regime. Unfortunately, it was a horrible rainy morning so I decided to complete a stint on the Wii instead of going out for a walk.

Violet’s Challenge went on a money raising pub crawl. There were a few people who commented on the fact that I was on a weight loss challenge and why would I go on a pub crawl? Like I have said previously, I am committed to losing weight but I am also living my life. Going on a weight loss challenge doesn’t mean that you have to stop having fun. I am learning that there are changes that can be made to things you enjoy doing, like choosing lower calorie/sugar drinks and foods without removing these from your diet. My challenge is about adapting my lifestyle to choosing these healthier options and not about being a fad diet which is harder to stick to in the long run. The pub crawl also meant I could raise awareness about my challenge and raising money and much needed funds for a new track and the facilities at MSC. Attending this event allowed me to do this while walking around instead of sitting on my laptop telling you about it.

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