Violets January Blog

Wishing everyone all the best for 2019, we are midway through January with only a couple of months to go before my final weigh-in on 21st March.

I can’t believe how time has flown. When the challenge started I thought it would be easy if I put my mind to it. I have encountered hurdles, challenges, highs and lows all along the way. Like for most of you putting on weight is so easy, but taking it off is the hard bit.

When there were so many temptations over the festivities and so many ways of over indulging with food and drink adding on the pounds, I managed to avoid it all. It seems to have the opposite effect on me, losing weight when on holiday works! I'm not sure if this is due to eating at regular times or if it’s just because I am relaxed. I am working on changes in my eating habits but find it more difficult with my working hours.

As this is a life changing challenge I decided to go it alone to lose the pounds, unfortunately this has not happened the way I expected it to but I am still happy the way it has changed my shape, fitness and feel good factor. This time last year I struggled to get up two flights of stairs for a cup of tea at work, this week I actually ran (slowly) up them without stopping. Feeling good about myself has given me the confidence to change things, I have been wearing clothes and shoes that I would never have done years ago.

Last week I joined a Tap Dancing class another first for me with Sarah Blacklaw based at Out of the Darkness Theatre Company. A really enjoyable class but I can’t get the arms and legs co-ordinated at the moment (its only week 2) maybe one day I will be like Catherine Zeta-Jones!

My transformation will be revealed at a Fashion Show on the 22nd June (save the date); this will be the finale of Violet’s Challenge. All monies raised from the event will also go to Athletics in Moray. It will not be the end for me as I will continue to eat healthier, exercise and enjoy my life.

Remember this is a fundraising challenge too so please support me by donating through my BTDonate page or popping into Trinity Dental Practice or Curves where you will find a charity box.

Until the next time keep up the good work

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