Violet's July Blog

I've had a lovely time visiting the grandchildren and going out for daily walks, (it was at a snails pace but it's still a walk) kicking the footie and bouncing on the trampoline. I arrived home to wake up with a lovely present from them…a cold (achoo). I tried to drink as much liquid as I could while recovering. As everyone knows, you are always out of sorts when you have the cold and I ended up with the munchies and nothing seemed to satisfy me. Once recovered, I was back on track and raring to go.

Chantall supporting me through the walk

Week 14 saw my next challenge; I had signed myself up for Fitness Fun Moray’s Summer Solstice 5.5 mile walk from Burghead to Hopeman. The idea was to complete the walk before sunset and it was a beautiful evening and an enjoyable night. I was over the moon to complete the walk in 1:47:48 and before sunset. Moray Motivator aka Chantall was great motivation and support. It turned out to be a very friendly run/walk with the others giving high fives and offering their support and some donations for athletics. I felt tired with really sore feet by the end but I did it! As a result I struggled for the week after with the tiredness and the aches in my legs but it was all worth it for the accomplishment I felt achieving the walk.

The Monday after the walk Kathryn CEO of MSC and I had a catch up but not sitting in the office, we had a walk around the area which really helped stretch my legs.

One of my work colleagues is organising a works walk from Elgin to Lossiemouth in August. I can’t believe the support and efforts people are going to, encouraging me to do exercise and raise cash for a good cause.

This weather is lovely but I am now struggling with the heat, feeling more drained than usual so not able to do as much exercise. I am also not sleeping properly and feel like my eating plan has gone out the window.

Feeling better during week 16, I had to pick up my prescription a 2 min walk away but instead when I got up I decided to walk around the scheme and 1.6 miles later I popped into the pharmacy only to find out I had picked it up the week before and it was sitting in my cupboard at home. (It’s the heat). Well there was one good thing about it I had done my extra walk and felt better for it. I am trying to add exercise into my daily routine, for example when I was waiting at Morriston Playing Fields instead of sitting around I started weeding the edge of the track. Even small activities make the difference.

I am really struggling with the eating side of this change, I am waking up during the night feeling hungry, is this a sign of not eating enough? I feel that I do eat enough and am drinking plenty as I keep having to use the wee hoose. If anyone has any suggestions please get in touch with me. I feel fitter, leaner and have lost quite a few inches since starting but the pounds are not really coming off.

Why not join me on my next challenge? Have some fun while moving at Bishopmill Hall on 18th August at a Funky Aerobics Party Night. See my Facebook page or telephone 551021 for more details.

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