Violet's Challenge - April Update

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

On the run up to the start of my challenge I was getting a wee bit anxious but I was also unbelievably calm. I just wanted to get the challenge started.

After my weigh-in I put Violet’s Challenge live on Facebook and within a few hours I was overwhelmed by the likes and comments received. Having 60 followers in a few weeks I was over the moon.

The first few days were a challenge for me, trying to change my eating pattern. Before the challenge I used to have my breakfast, a snack and a meal late at night due to work and helping at athletics. In a way I was starving my body most of the day, eating a lot at night and storing it all.

Now I am having my breakfast (the most important meal of the day), a lunch, 2 snacks and a small meal late at night. The difference is I am spreading the calories throughout the day rather than having them all in the evening.

I seem to be always thinking of food something I never did much, planning what I can have before heading off to work. I am also taking time to sit down to eat and enjoy it rather than on the hoof. The other thing I find is that I am struggling to drink as much water now as my body always feels full but I will have to persevere with that.

These small changes have been helping me lose the pounds so far so I will try this new eating pattern for a while and see how things go.

I decided before the challenge that I was going to keep to my own lifestyle as much as possible because life still goes on and I have to live life to the full as well. No point in changing everything and not take these factors into consideration as this is a lifetime change not a quick fix.

The second hurdle was my afternoon out with some of the girls from work, a lovely meal, a few drinks, great company and plenty of chitter chatter. To overcome that hurdle I added in a brisk ½ mile walk home to work off the extra calories consumed.

At the moment I have been concentrating on my eating, but have still managed a few short walks including walking direct to the medical centre and taking a longer walk home. I am also using the fit4change app to raise more money for Moray Sports Centre.

I have surprised myself not only by losing the pounds but by how chilled out and confident I feel. Having my face and body all over the internet has not affected me. I have no fear as I feel that the main focus is on the new athletics track and facilities not on me. I feel I have got an inner peace that I am doing some good for the community. My challenge is a Change 4 Life not just a quick fix.

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