Scott's first blog - 'Healthy Living is Easy...isn’t it?'

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Scott Hamilton has been running Fitness Fun for the past 4 years which does a mixture of fitness classes and after school clubs. He is also an athletics coach and President at Elgin Amateur Athletics Club. He is venturing into the world of sports therapy, more information about this and his classes can be found on his Facebook page here.

Scott's Fitness Fun class

Health Living is Easy...isn’t it?

There is so much confusion to be devoured in the quest to know what’s what in the world of food, exercise and how they work together. The professionals can’t agree and big businesses want your cash. What are you meant to do? 

Here’s the primary school answer; to maintain the weight you have you must eat and burn a similar number of calories. If you are underweight and want to gain then you must eat more than you burn. If you are overweight and want to lose weight then you must eat less than you burn. 

How can this be confusing? Easy! Sugar! Sugar is highly addictive, in almost everything and tastes brilliant. Other than releasing feel good chemicals in our heads, sugar really isn’t necessary in modern life because it doesn’t provide much nutrition and when over indulged makes us fat. 

What can you do? Look at the label of the product you’re thinking about buying. If you don’t understand or can’t pronounce the ingredients, the chances are it’s a type of sugar. Put it down and try again. MOST meals, snacks and treats you can make yourself for less money, taste better and you control what goes into it. Now you might be thinking “I don’t have time” well it’s a case of making time. If you value your health then the time will appear and if you are guilty of overeating then it will take a vast amount of tedious exercise to counter the balance. 

Exercise also has areas of danger; it can be as addictive and unhealthy as over/under eating, and fitness ‘professionals’ also do not agree on what’s best. 

What can you do? Find two or three activities you enjoy doing and do them two or three times a week each. 

Sounds easy...Well there are always new crazes that burn more fat and sculpt and tone and rip. Does walking to work, taking the dog out or playing with the kids count? Should you go to a class, the gym, the park or swimming pool? How much money should yo spend? Classes, memberships, equipment, clothing. Nightmare. 

The simple way to look at it is that it is about your health. Health starts with your mind. If you’re cycling 200km a week but hate every minute of it then it’s not healthy. If you stand in front of the tv and have Mr Motivator guide you through a routine and have a smile on your face then it’s healthy. It’s all about you going and finding what works for you. As with the food issue, it’s up to you. If you don’t have the time then make time. 

Food and exercise are at either ends of the seesaw, if one is heavier than the other it will tip. It’s your wellbeing at stake and you have control. Make your food, read the labels and know what you’re looking at. Go and try every activity possible, you will like something. The truth is when you enjoy what you do and eat it comes easily and you’ll never need to find another excuse for eating the wrong thing or not doing some exercise. 

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