Introduction to the Bowen technique.

Debbie Macmillan practicing Bowen technique

Bowen is still quite new to the Moray area with only a few therapists working.  Debbie MacMillan has been practicing Bowen in Elgin for the last 3 years following on from previous careers in Nursing and Midwifery.  She has a wide variety of clients who all have their own needs to be assisted with and already has had some great success stories.

So what is it? Bowen is a treatment and therapy that uses precise movements over nerve bundles and soft tissue to stimulate the brain to reboot the body.  It can work for everyone as we all have imbalances, injuries or illnesses that require some intervention to re-balance the body.  By doing this it allows us to move forward to better health.

During 2010 a controlled trial of over 100 persons was conducted. The findings showed that people receiving one Bowen treatment increased their flexibility in their hamstring for a period of at least one week.   

Bowen treatments aren’t isolated to one specific area.  If a person has a specific injury, Debbie looks at the whole person to establish a cause and works to realign the body not just the known injury.

That said, preventative measures are always best and now a number of athletes are receiving Bowen treatments before and after participating.

Regular treatments ensure the body is kept at an optimum level of health allowing you to train or compete to the best of your ability.

Debbie is also preparing to deliver a new course “Reboot your Body” which is aimed at anyone with an interest in being introduced to the Bowen technique.  Following the course you’ll have learned the core skills to be able to treat a family member or friend only with a great basic treatment.

Debbie works from her studio in Elgin and is always happy to answer any questions persons have about ailments or aches and how Bowen can help overcome these.

For more information contact Debbie through her Facebook page

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