10 easy fundraising ideas to #playyourpart and help Moray Sports Centre

Moray Sports Centre needs you!

We are half way through the build of the Moray Sports Centre, but we are still a long way off from our target of £12 million.

To be able to open the centre with all the activities and facilities you asked for in the questionnaire, we need people to help us more than ever. We are calling out to groups, organisations and individuals who can work with us to raise money and help us build your inclusive facility designed by the Moray community.

We have written a quick guide on 10 easy fundraising ideas to get you started.

1. Coffee Morning

An old idea, but a good idea. Bake up a storm with delicious and healthy cakes and see the money roll in. For some healthy recipe ideas try the BBC Goodfood site. Coffee Mornings are also a great way of reducing isolation in the community and making new friends.

Added extra…Why not add to raising funds by incorporating a book sale?

2. Sport-athon Event

Get sponsored for doing an activity you love…it’s win win! Your club or group can organise a night where members participate for an extended time. There are so many variations of this that anyone can join in; a dance-athon, a Zumba-athon, an exercise-athon, a chess-athon…basically anything-athon!

3. Swish Party

A great fundraising idea is to hold a Swish Party. Swishing is a way of swapping clothes and recycling, which helps the environment too. You charge a ticket fee for the event and people can then bring in an item or 2 of clothing they would like to swap. They then exchange it for another item that someone else has bought in. You could try it with a sporting twist and have an exercise outfits, gym and fitness equipment Swish.

Added extra…Invite along wholesale companies and charge them £10-20 to hold a stall at the event.

4. Jog With Your Dog

Organise an event with your furry friends. There is no better way to raise funds than keeping healthy and jogging with your dog at the same time. You’ll both be pounding the streets while fetching the cash. Remember to drink lots of water so you're not ruff the next day!

5. Give Something Up

Whether it be smoking, eating chocolate or driving to work. Getting sponsored to quit something for a month will give you that extra boost of willpower knowing you are quitting for a cause. Who knows you may even decide to stick with your new healthy life choice.

6. Car Boot Sale

Another old idea, but boot sales always raise a lot of money. As long as you have an area of ground to park on, you can charge £10-15 per car and more for vans. People always have brick-a-brack or knick-knacks to get rid of and everyone loves a bargain!

Added extra…hold your own bottle stall. In our experience, a bottle stall is one of the most popular stalls and you can ask for bottle donations from your friends, colleagues and family.

7. Fancy Dress Themed Night

These are a great excuse to have some fun and dress up. They can be themed on different decades, films, celebrities…or even sporting hero’s (you cannot be serious!)

Added extra…when selling tickets ask if everyone could donate something for a raffle, then hold this on the night.

8. Sponsored Walk

Another chance to get fit while raising cash. Your walk can be as long as you can manage. It can be an epic hike or a short journey. Go it alone or involve the whole club. Whether you pace yourself or stretch yourself…get moving!

9. Games Night

At the centre, we want to encourage a healthy holistic lifestyle. This involves brain as well as body conditioning. A games night is a great way to have fun and get your grey cells working. This can be in the way of a quiz night, board game night, bingo or bridge night. Sell tickets, tables or charge per person.

Added extra…have a wind-up toy race. Ask people to place bets on who will be the overall winner and wind them up and watch them go (if you can see through the tears of laughter!)

10. Extreme Challenge

Nothing brings in more money than a challenge. The bigger the challenge the bigger the rewards. Dare yourself or your team to abseil, jump out of a plane or climb something. Just please make sure you’re safe doing it.

Added extra…who knows, you may even rope in one of the MSC team into joining you!

Hopefully we have given you and your club/organisation some great ideas on how you can help fundraise with us. We are a small team and need your help more than ever with raising the money for building a facility the community helped design.

This is your centre and we need your help!

Call Angela today to see how we can raise funds and work together creating a fitter future for Moray. For other ways to help, check out our page.

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