Why build a sports centre for Moray?

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In Scotland, on average, there is one sports centre per 33,000 people.  In Moray there are none. Not one designated centre to develop sports for a population of over 95,500.

The most provision in Moray is in schools. No sports halls are open for all core hours, 5 pm to 10 pm (Monday to Friday). Access varies during school holidays. And very few facilities meet regulation for competition. Many sports, including tennis, cannot be played throughout the year and clubs (Gymnastics and Basketball) are turning away enthusiastic people, young and old, because of lack of facilities.

In 2014 Moray Council carried out a review of sports provision which highlighted:
• Under national average access to sports halls.
• Only 36% of demand for sports halls is met when schools are taken out of the equation.
• Attendances at indoor facilities (excluding pools) per 1,000 population in Moray remained static since 2007.  Moray fell from the 10th to 22nd Local Authority for the number of attendances.
• Under national average access to 3G pitches and overuse of grass pitches.

Sport in Moray has been unable to develop as it should.  Lack of facilities means we have not developed the people we need to progress with sports in our community.

Here is a fantastic opportunity to change that.  Can you lend your support?

Working towards a fitter future for Moray