“Every year we get help to fund a basketball festival. Schools across Moray take part and lots of young people play for the first time. They have a great time and afterwards, we get lots of people wanting to join the club. Sadly we have to turn them down. We have been unable to take in more members because we don’t have the facilities, or the coaches, needed to expand our club. It’s been very frustrating.’

‘Moray Sports Centre will help us to move forward and develop basketball in Moray. We’ll be able to work with the Centre to train more coaches and put on a lot more sessions.  And we are very excited by the prospect of attracting competition with the two regulation courts.”

Stuart McQuaker, coach of Elgin Eagles Basketball

The MSC will provide an opportunity to have 2 full-size competition courts and allow clubs to play fixtures at a home venue here in Moray.  With the potential to have 500 spectators for ‘Big Matches’ the opportunities to increase Basketball participation, competition and leagues improve dramatically.

Having a facility will encourage more people to be involved and therefore we can educate them to follow coach, official and club committee members.  It will really improve the opportunity to become a sustainable club for all.

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