A sport that is an equal balance of physical and mental strength.

Athletics the sport of competing in track and field events, including running races and various competitions in jumping and throwing.  While MSC is looking to improve access to all sports and activities.  We are also focussing on ‘track & field’ provisions.

Moray doesn’t have a 400-metre track and our long-term goal is to bring one to Moray.

Phase 1: a 100m straight with long jump pit

For now, as part of phase 1 development, we have included a 100-metre sprint straight with a long jump pit and a 1 km enclosed running trail into our landscape.

It is important to us to be able to cater for a child or adult that are taking their first steps in the sport, or athletes that are keen to compete, the world of athletics should be available to everyone.

We are really fortunate to have a number of local clubs within Moray for Athletics, Orienteering, road running and Park Run.  But like all sports when it comes to winter training, there is a lack of space to meet the needs for all.


Our Ambassador Mark Dry explains why he is backing the MSC project.  Read More

Our MSC Champion:

Violet Beattie – joined the Elgin Amateur Athletic Club when her son took up the sport. A shy parent stood on the sidelines she was asked to take the fees from athletes before their training sessions. Little did she realise 15 years on she would be the Vice President and a recognised award winner for her fundraising efforts.

My highlights are watching youngsters grow over the years in confidence and go on to achieve their own dreams of winning medals and participating at National and International Level. Local athletes Mark Dry and Kathryn Evans (Gladiator Fit) have been great motivators for our Young athletes to aspire to.

The club has had numerous knockbacks over the years (floods, vandalism and dog issues) having the facilities at MSC would allow us to keep moving forward developing the club to bigger and better things.  We are really keen to have fully accessible facilities for our members.

What does MSC mean for Athletics?

  • Our athletes will be able to train and develop in different ways. Larger facilities suitable for indoor circuit training, gymnasium areas for strength are very important for the development of athletes.
  • For parents, there will be the spectator and social areas. Modern facilities would help us encourage both parents and athletes to have more active roles in the club.
  • One day being able to have Local, Regional and possible National competitions indoors and outdoors would definitely put athletics and Moray in the news.

Elgin Amateur Athletic Club recognition

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